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A tool for life

Play is Work ™ is a tool for life. Supporting every child's unstoppable desire to explore the unknown world around them. Enveloped in comfortable, hardwearing clothing, children aged between 6 months and 6 years can get on with the serious work that is play.

Play is Work clothing is designed to function as a second skin; encouraging unrestricted movement so children can get down to the business of crawling, running, riding and scooting, while shielded from the inevitable scrapes and bruises of uninhibited life, and their first steps, leaps and glides.

The core collection is made from leather tanned in Italy to traditional methods, and manufactured by artisans in London. The leather's natural unevenness gives it a 'no fuss' quality, allowing hard wear for children and easy maintenance for grown-ups. Play is Work clothing becomes part of your child's identity, the marks left on the leather from climbing a tree or learning to ride a bicycle are all tales of childhood. Play is Work clothing holds these memories, just as we do.